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Welcome Classmates

Welcome to the Class of 1969. Those hardy souls who braved the rain in Williamstown over our 45th reunion weekend were, hopefully, a mere vanguard of the hordes who will descend on the Purple Valley for our 50th. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate, too.  More about that later. Meanwhile, here are links to photos of our 35th, 40th and 45th reunions. Before that, unfortunately, most reunion pictures were recorded on film or Daguerreotype. While we have a remarkably good-looking class, with astonishingly attractive spouses, the photographer assumes no responsibility  for lost or graying hair or expanding waistlines.

Update September 26, 2016: Our real 50th reunion Website will be up and running soon. Stay tuned for details.

35th Reunion 2004

40th Reunion 2009

45th Reunion 2014